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Take Control

If you learn to drive, you have the freedom to travel WHERE & WHEN YOU WANT. You don’t even have to own a car: When you go on holiday you may want to hire a car. A driving license can be more practical and economical even if you only need one occasionally.

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Be Independent

It makes you INDEPENDENT & SELF RELIABLE. You do not have to rely on a driver or member of your family or friends. A car is often essential: Getting to work, going shopping or visiting clubs or cinemas at evening would be impossible without one.

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Driving is like learning to ride a bicycle – it’s a SKILL YOU'LL NEVER FORGET. However, a car is a little more complicated to handle but once you have your driver's license it’s yours to keep (subject to renewal).

What we can do for you

We’re a close team of professional, experienced & qualified driving instructors who are dedicated
to take you beyond your Provisional K53 Driving Test into a lifetime of safe driving.
We take pride in delivering only the best.

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Our Fleet

Training is provided in the 2016. Hyundai i10 with manual transmission. All our cars are safe, new, clean and insured.

Make your driving lessons relaxed, educational and enjoyable.

Whether you're learning to drive, need a confidence boost or refresher course, our team delivers driver training to suit your needs.


Jacaranda Driving School offers instruction in English and Afrikaans.


It is essential to take lessons with a suitably qualified driving instructor before taking the official test. Achieving success in the K53 test requires devoted learning of essential information.


The quickest, cheapest and best way to drive is to find an instructor who inspires you with confidence and who you get on well with. Make sure that you are comfortable with your instructor and be prepared to change if you are not!


We are responsible for all administration duties and transport.


Our programs aim to create a culture of safe driving by developing safe driving techniques. If you already have experience in driving, we will help you to correct your bad driving habits.


Our team will provide you with good training tips focusing on the skills that many people find difficult to master. We'll provide valuable advices that will help to speed up your progress towards passing the driving test.

What is the K53 test?

The K53 Test is the term given to the practical driving licence test in South Africa. It is a more stringent test than the previous tests, with less penalty points being permitted and very specific defensive driving techniques that form an integral part of the test.

What the test covers?

The K53 test measures a driver’s ability in the following main areas:

- a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle
- a yard test of your basic manoeuvring skills
- a road test conducted on public roads


Jacaranda Driving School offer the following Packages

Learner's Licence Training

This course is aimed to prepare the learner driver for the theoretical Learner's License Test.

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Driver's Licence Package

This course is aimed at the learner driver to prepare him/her for the K53 driver’s license test.

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Learner's Licence Plus Package

This is a full course that includes preparation for the Learner's License Test & K53 Driver's License Test.

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Driving Lessons Only Packages

A variety of different driving lesson packages where you can choose the best package to suit your needs.

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Great Deal

Pass your Learner's or Driver's Licence first time & Jacaranda Driving School will cover the cost to issue your Learner's or Driver's Licence!

Saying NO To Bribery & Corruption

According to a survey conducted by Goodyear in 2013, many people in South Africa gave bribes to obtain a Licence more easily. This survey showed that young people are disproportionately involved in collisions and fatalities. Jacaranda Driving School is committed to fighting bribery and corruption, making it crucial to ensure that our clients are trained adequately.

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